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 Home improvement, Washington Borough NJ

Home improvement Washington Borough NJFor improvement projects for your homes, Peter’s General Construction LLC   has the expertise in the many types of such projects; usually they are improvement  projects on bathrooms and kitchens. The others include improvements on the additions to the house, basements and in other areas. Some of these areas can include old outdoor structures. Home improvement not just adds beauty into your house but it also adds strength into the structure. It also helps the structure to last for more long years. Home improvement is a nice idea to make us more comfortable and safe and Peter’s General Construction LLC can absolutely do it for you!


Home remodeling, Washington Borough NJ

Home remodeling Washington Borough NJPeter’s General Construction LLC had been assisting home owners who want done on their houses. From the outset, they had been advising owners that the best way of executing remodels is to have a concrete plan for the project. Some of these projects are major undertakings, which can be very expensive. (Some small alterations which can still be expensive a ready plan is the best first step.) The rationale is that a plan will give the details to the project.



Home remodeling contractor, Washington Borough NJ

Peter’s General Construction LLC can help the home owner narrow down details and can give a cost estimate. Also, the company can offer advice on the many aspects of the planned project. Is the plan to convert the basement into a full-pledged entertainment area or just to alter it to a man’s den (billiard and card tables, bar)? The company gives the owner flexible ideas on room conversions and such.

Residential construction, Washington Borough NJ

From blueprint reading, estimating, all the way to energy conservation, Peter’s General Construction LLC had joined the ranks of the some of the big names in the area. Through its professionalism, the company is adept at all the aspects in the construction of residential houses. They are at par with the best in terms of construction safety, framing, planning, door and windows installations, as well as interior and exterior finishing. Of course, they can do very professionally-installed cabinets and in building stair systems, all of which are important components in the construction of residences.

Siding, Washington Borough NJ

Siding Washington Borough NJPeter’s General Construction LLC is knowledgeable about the installation and maintenance of many types of siding materials and styles. They can replace old siding and shingles, or repair areas of damage on existing vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiberglass or cement fiber siding. Peter’s General Construction LLC uses the best siding products from leading manufacturers. Our siding specialists can assist you choose the best option for your home.





Residential Siding, Washington Borough NJ

Residential Siding Washington Borough NJThe right siding can considerably increase the quantity of time you and others spend admiring the exterior of your home. A residential siding is the perfect way to add significance to your home or any structure on your property. For residential owners that desire to put their houses on the market, there are many types of materials that can be used that are durable and need minimum maintenance. Peter’s General Construction LLC provides siding and repair services for both commercial and residential buildings. Our team works with an broad range of products that will go well with both your aesthetic style and color.




Commercial siding, Washington Borough NJ

Commercial siding Washington Borough NJPeter’s General Construction LLC shall always be there to help you choose what is best for your building or residence. There are many considerations in making the right choice – efficiency, longevity, costs and savings, and aesthetics. For residences, the most popular nowadays are wood and vinyl and fiber cement. Each of these materials has their own advantages and benefits and the opposite qualities. (Wood is susceptible to insect attacks and rot. Vinyl fades, and needs repainting now and then. Fiber cement is expensive, and many others.)



Gutters, Washington Borough NJ

Gutters Washington Borough NJGutters are one of these, an essential protection for your home against the elements. They divert rain water and snow away from your home’s siding and foundation to where these natural elements cannot do damage. The inspection does not limit on the roof alone but also on the condition of the gutters that helps drain rainwater to its proper place. Peter’s General Construction LLC does extensive business in the roofing and gutter, as well as siding aspects. We offer Gutter Services, Gutter Installation, Gutter Replacement, Gutter Repairs, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Screening, Gutter Care & Maintenance, Gutter Protections Systems, Vinyl & Aluminum Soffit Fascia, Seamless Gutter Replacement, Gutter Guards, Leaking Corners and many more.


Roofing, Washington Borough NJ

Roofing Washington Borough NJToday, there are dozens of styles, types, and manufacturers of roofing. There are several considerations in any construction project which are the design, durability, and cost. However, for roofing, environmental resistance is a very important consideration that is often ignored. In choosing the right roofing, there are several things homeowner should have in mind at such as the design, durability and cost. Yet, for roofing, environmental resistance is a very vital concern that is often overlooked. Long-lasting, element-resistant roofing materials not only turn-out cost-efficient, they also impact positively on environment. It is also vital to choose the right contractor that has enough knowledge and skills and know how or when to install ridge vents, ice and water barrier, step and chimney flashings, and roof membranes and drip edge. Peter’s General Construction LLC is skilled and technically experienced in this field of construction and maintenance. Whenever you think that our services in roofing are required, give us a call for free estimate. New Jersey: 973-573-6191.


Concrete Contractor/Masonry Contractor, Washington Borough NJ

Concrete Contractor Washington Borough NJPeter’s General Construction LLC also took the opportunity to be a concrete contractor and masonry contractor to their inter-related businesses. The main reason is keeping consistency in the quality of their work. A slapdash foundation, for instance, can be the trigger to cause a total failure of the whole project. At one time or another, poor craftsmanship, low-grade materials, and sloppy general working considerations will eventually fail and will bring everything down. Quality is what PGCI is always in pursuit of in all their projects, either as a company or as a contractor. The philosophy is that the benefits are for their clients to enjoy and for the company to keep their reputation.



Exterior home remodeling contractor, Washington Borough NJ

Exterior home remodeling contractor Washington Borough NJPeter’s General Construction LLC also does improvements on exterior structures outside the house. These would include lawns and gardens and other outdoor structures. For bigger residences, they might include improving such structures as gazebos, cabanas, and patios. Peter’s General Construction LLC can service such structures with maintenance, repairs and other general service tasks. Professional Exterior home remodeling contractor like Peter’s General Construction LLC can help home owners manage beautifying exterior parts of their homes. The experience and skills of Peter’s General Construction LLC can do all the wonders for the homeowners.


Roofing & Siding Company, Washington Borough NJ

Roofing & Siding Company Washington Borough NJPeter’s General Construction LLC is proud in providing excellent remodeling contracting service at affordable cost and care for our clients’ homes like our own. Whether it is a roof, siding, windows, gutters, masonry, concrete, stone veneer, or doors our experts will do it for you with extensive choices of roofing and siding materials either or for replacement of your old to new or fixing. From small home repairs to a complete home exterior remodel and improvement construction, Peter’s General Construction LLC can do it for you! Call: 973-573-6191 for free estimate.



Roofing & Siding Contractor, Washington Borough NJ

Roofing & Siding Contractor Washington Borough NJWhen you contract Peter’s General Construction LLC to work for you, you are assured that you got the right contractor, an experienced, certified and insured both residential and commercial exterior remodeling. Peter’s General Construction LLC aims to provide high quality roofing and siding installation, as well as home remodeling services; focusing on high quality performance that would increase the energy efficiency of your home, saving money for years to come. Your home is a large investment. Peter’s General Construction LLC is the answer to your call. We are certified installers with can complete your project to a very high standard but with a very affordable cost.



Roofing contractor, Washington Borough NJ

Peter’s General Construction LLC had enough experience in installation, repair, and maintenance that had been honed through the number of years in the industry. They have extensive knowledge and experience in all types of roofing projects. It could be wood, asphalt, metal, tiles, shingles, or slates. The same meticulous service, the same degree of professionalism is always at work on these projects.

Roofing company, Washington Borough NJ

Peter’s General Construction LLC helps the owner consider their roofs which includes the style, color, durability, warranties down to final installations. The other service consists of an in-home consultation to find out if your roof needs replacement, repairs and look for water leaks which happens during downpours. Most roofing projects need to have periodic installations or repairs, because they are at the mercy of many factors, either man-made or otherwise. Peter’s General Construction LLC has the right people to do all these.

Siding contractor, Washington Borough NJ

Siding contractor Washington Borough NJPeter’s General Construction LLC aims to help homeowners in making their homes updated with the times. This means the installation of sidings in the construction. Or, it could also mean updating through repair damaged sidings. Of course, the main idea is protection of the house against water, wind and moisture. Today, siding is a household necessity that no homeowner cannot ignore. As contractor, Peter’s General Construction LLC sees to it that the goal is fulfilled and make the owner satisfied.





Siding company, Washington Borough NJ

Peter’s General Construction LLC is in the business with the main aim of improving the look of your home. Or, it could be that your home have been damaged and needs repair. As a siding company, Peter’s General Construction LLC can add to the beauty to your homes. Regardless of what nature of siding you choose, the products we offer will provide durability, excellent value, and a beautiful home exterior. And with good looks, your homes can command good prices should you decide to sell it.



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