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It’s no secret that your home is the most important and expensive investment you will ever make. Because of that, you want to take the best care of it that you possibly can. Siding your home is a great way to keep it safe and protected.

Siding protects your home from the weather, including rain, snow, heat, and cold. It can help keep cold air out during the winter and warm air out during the summer, which will lower your energy bills. Siding can also protect against water from rain or snow entering the infrastructure of your home.

If water gets into the frame of your house, it can lead to mold growth, wood rolling, or other interior damage. First this will wreak havoc on the outer frame, but eventually the damage can seep through to the inner walls of your home.

Siding can also protect against insects or small animals getting into your home. Without siding, carpenter ants, termites can burrow into your home, causing all kinds of problems.

Whether you have no siding or old or broken siding, the same problems can occur. Even if just pieces of siding on your home are broken, you can end up with problems inside your home. If you push on a piece of siding on your home and it gives, even a little, that could be a sign of rotting boards underneath. In addition, if you notice green or black patches on the siding, particularly on the side of your home that is shady, this is a sign of loose siding and moisture leaking underneath it. These problems should be addressed immediately to avoid bigger issues.

Besides all the health and safety issues involved with siding your house, making this improvement can vastly add to the beauty of your home. Siding comes in so many beautiful styles and colors that your choices are nearly unlimited.

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